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It's In Our DNA

Real Problems. New Thinking.


Life Environments has created the world-class lifelike audio capture technology, proprietary production and studio processes and the lifelike replication formats that deliver nature’s experience with unparalleled lifelike accuracy. The result is an experience that your brain reacts to similarly to live nature that inhibits stress while enhancing those areas of the brain responsible for self-esteem and contentment safely and effectively.

Managing stress is a severe problem for most people. We explored this problem with our experts and others from around the world. The result was a real-world and enjoyable life course that explains and explores how to manage stress smarter while building a life you love. It’s new thinking that has won accolades from our customers worldwide.

In Q3 2024, we are releasing Breathe Naturely™, our new breathing exercise program that transforms breathing exercises to help our customers be calmer, lower blood pressure, manage sleep and insomnia and much more.

In Q3 2024 we will be releasing a new type of musical experience that immerses like nothing before.

At Life Environments, life-science innovation is part of our DNA.


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