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wellness by nature


Until recently, there was little research being performed relating to the influence of exposure to nature on humans. The good news is that research is not only being performed more today, but is yielding unexpected results. In a nutshell, scientists are coming around to the idea that we are linked genetically to nature’s experience in terms of health, wellness, and life quality. Here's a few research studies you may find interesting.

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Mental Wellness

1 / Improves Depression

4 / Increased Focus
5 / Increased Well-Being, Self-Esteem and Less Rumination

physical Wellness

1 / Increased Activity Improves Obesity

3 / Decreased Hypertension
6 / Improved Immunity
  • Forest bathing/Shinrin Yoku significantly improved immune function, evidenced by an increase in activity and number of Natural Killer (NK) cells after a 3 day trip ; and decreased stress, shown by lower concentrations of adrenaline in urine. In addition, the increase in NK activity lasted for more than 7 days after the excursion.

9 / Decreased Asthma
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