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Immersions™ User Guide - 2023

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Immersions™ User Guide - 2023

Welcome to Life Environments Immersions™

As the founder of Life Environments Life Sciences, I want to personally welcome you to our growing family. I am pleased you have selected us as your wellness journey partner!

Life Environments is a wellness platform developed to improve your life in meaningful and enjoyable ways. We focus on the most essential yet underserved areas of wellness – stress and a smarter and more fulfilling lifestyle – but we do this in some very cool ways!. You may think these are strange bedfellows, but they are critical wellness partners that make or break even the best wellness plans.


Your Life Environments Breathe Naturely™ subscription includes immersive aural experiences and indispensable insights you can use to improve your health and lifestyle. We strongly encourage you to sign up for our free monthly wellness journal to receive invaluable perspectives in curated films and from experts from around the world. Non-subscribers can sign up for our free Wellness Journal also, so please invite your friends if you find our journals refreshing and useful. Please remember that non-subscribers are limited to exploring the current issue. As a subscriber, you enjoy access to all current and previous journals.


Using Breathe Naturely™ is simple, pleasurable, and rewarding. You simply need to understand a few basic concepts, which are mostly common-sense safety considerations. Once you understand these, feel free to explore and discover new ways to integrate Breathe Naturely™ into your wellness routines and lifestyle.


Whether you’re into meditation, yoga, exercise, relaxing, or wanting to improve your blood press, glucose, insomnia or for other health reasons, Breathe Naturely™ can help you make your life a happier, healthier and more refreshing place to be.


You now have access to a powerful tool. Our solutions are developed using the latest science, proprietary knowledge and advanced research. They are designed to be integrated into the wellness and lifestyle activities you already love doing. This is new thinking that’s attracting and benefitting wellness-minded people at every age and stage of life. It’s also new thinking you are going to love.


Reading this guide is an essential first step toward the safe use of our products. It has been written in conversational English devoid of tech talk and gibberish. Naturally, if you have further questions, please contact us through the Subscriber Contact page.


Here’s to living your life better and smarter!

Kevin Williams

Founder/President Life Environments

Introduction to Life Environments Immersions™

The chances are good you’re subscribing to Immersions™ for a reason. Undoubtedly, you want to improve the quality of your health and life experience - or perhaps you simply want to expand the wellness benefits of your meditation, yoga or exercise routines – or maybe you simply need an escape from a hectic day. Regardless of your motivation, we are here to help you succeed in your wellness goals.

Your motivation for smarter wellness might be something as simple as the fact you are are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or you can’t get a restful sleep these days. It could be that you want to understand and learn more about dealing with anxiety, stress, or fear better and smarter. Perhaps you want to improve cognitive performance or your memory isn’t as good as it once was. Maybe you’re suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, insomnia, anxiety, skin problems, or any number of other disquieting diseases and conditions. The good news is that you’re in the right place. The fact is that all of these and almost every other non-genetic or trauma-based human disease, condition, and syndrome has a link to stress either as a causal or aggravating factor.

The fact is that anxiety, stress, and fear (collectively referred to as stress) changes your body and mind in dangerous yet often unnoticed ways – their insidious signatures. Stress not only diminishes cognitive performance and life quality profoundly - it also kills. The average age of depression onset is now 11 years old in America. The first signs of anxiety are observed commonly by physicians in 5 to 6-year-old children. Researchers in Denmark have shown that stress kills fetuses too. In the United States, suicide has become the leading cause of death for young people from 10-24 years old. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease combined.

Conventional thinking and many therapies treat stress as a dysfunction of sorts – sometimes even a mental illness. The truth is it’s neither! This is where most people begin making deadly mistakes and decisions that diminish their life’s quality. The truth is stress doesn’t live alone; it’s part of a much larger and far more complex ecosystem. While stress and its impacts can indeed be overwhelming, dealing with it has proven even more challenging. This is why you don’t hear psychologists and psychiatrists speak of "cures," and why the National Institutes of Health and a growing number of leading medical institutions don’t recommend drug therapy for the treatment of stress and depression except as a last resort in the most difficult cases. Unfortunately, medicine has no good answers right now. However, when we address stress using different thinking, things change profoundly – especially outcomes.

Life Environments is focusing on life’s most challenging problems by leveraging hard science, innovative technology, and different thinking. In an increasingly challenging world, we’re helping those suffering from the devastating impacts of anxiety, stress, fear, and improving senses of well-being in novel and effective ways people love. You see, when you start thinking about stress differently, radically improved outcomes occur. It’s a process we have pioneered known as cognitive wellness.


So, just how does this cognitive wellness thing work? Cognitive wellness is simply about you helping your mind and body with what they need to function at their highest levels - while minimizing what keeps them from performing at their best. Sounds simple right? The good news is it is - at least the part you play. You see, there’s a great deal of beneficial activity taking place behind the scenes when you get it right – and you’ll know because you’ll feel much better when you do.

The truth is your body and mind do most of the heavy lifting. Nothing or no one else can care for your mind and body better than your own mind and body. However, they need your help doing their jobs better these days. In our stress-filled world, our minds and bodies are struggling with increasingly demanding loads they simply aren’t designed to manage - and this is precisely where stress begins altering your life in dangerous ways. It’s your job to keep your mind and body doing the jobs they’re designed to do naturally without all the clutter and junk living introduces that holds them back.

Cognitive wellness isn’t about special diets, supplements, cute brain games, voodoo or exhaustive exercise routines. It’s about understanding stress in ways that enable you to become creative with it and building a life you love with less of it.

This is where Life Environments enters your story.

Life Environments creates smarter wellness solutions that help inhibit the impacts of stress naturally and safely while resetting your brain in healthy ways. If you want, you may optionally purchase our life-design program that guides you toward improved wellness better living by becoming more creative with stress and lifestyle. So, what’s in this for you? A better life. You’ll feel better – smarter, healthier, and happier – and have a blast getting there.

Here’s everything you need to know about your Immersions™ subscription. It’s simple. It’s safe. It’s enjoyable. It’s immediately rewarding. It’s healthy. It’s delightful. Most importantly, it’s highly effective.

Here’s what you need to get started. A little time. A commitment to thinking differently and a willingness to experiment and make a few mistakes along the way. You also need a sincere desire to make your life a better place to be along with a genuine passion for getting off your sofa and experiencing what life has to offer. If you have all these things, you’re good to go!


What to Expect


Using Immersions™ aural experiences is as easy as it is delightful. Simply find a safe place to listen, access your Immersions™ account and choose the experience you want to listen to. Next, turn your listening device volume down to 0, place your headphones on and turn the sound up to a comfortable level, close your eyes and immerse yourself in nature’s experience.

Within moments you will begin feeling less stress and more refreshed. That’s the power of nature’s experience as only Life Environments can deliver it.

The Details


Immersions™ lifelike aural experiences center you in some of nature’s most delightful spaces. It’s an immersive 4D experience where sounds emanate from every direction. To enjoy them, you simply need decent quality non-noise-cancelling headphones (not necessarily expensive), and an Internet-connected device that can access your Immersions™ subscription.

Using Immersions™ Properly and Safely


A few common-sense things to remember will keep you and others around you safe when using Immersions™. It is your responsibility to ensure safe use of all Life Environments technology. Please read and understand the following information. If you have any questions, please contact us for expert guidance. A general rule of thumb is: if in doubt, don’t!

Where to listen. Because listening to Immersions™ requires headphones or ear buds, it impairs your ability to hear and respond to life happening around you. When listening using headphones or earbuds, you cannot hear around you well, even with open-backed headphones. This means that listening to Immersions™ in areas of pedestrian, machine or vehicular traffic must never occur. The same is true when you are driving a vehicle, operating equipment or are responsible for the care and safety of others.

What to listen to. Immersions™ is designed to be experienced by mentally and physically healthy individuals. If you have a physical condition that can be triggered by sudden loud noises or natural environments (PTSD, etc.), you should consult with your healthcare professional before experiencing Immersions™.

Caution: Because we capture nature’s experience in lifelike ways, you may experience louder noises including random bird calls at various points. Life Environments does not acoustically normalize our experiences; you hear them as they occur natively. This means some experiences can have louder noise spikes.

Those with PTSD or other psychological conditions may find some environments triggering. For example, a war veteran may be triggered by forest or other experiences. If you are one of these people, do not listen to Immersions™ unless/until approved by your healthcare professional.

Watch how you listen. Immersions™ are designed to be integrated into your lifestyle. That said, not every activity is appropriate for Immersions™ listening. Listening to Immersions™ while you are sleeping is dangerous and can result in you becoming entangled or strangled by the headphone cord.

A headphone cord may wrap around a body part and interrupt blood flow or breathing! Never allow small children to listen to Immersions™ unattended. These are only a few of the more obvious situations. Use common sense in every listening situation.

Watch why you listen. Immersions™ are great ways to expand your meditation, yoga or exercise experience - or simply escape from the world for a bit. However, if you find yourself listening to escape a dangerous mental or physical environment that includes abuse, Immersions™ should never be considered a therapeutic option. If you are experiencing problems with your mind, we strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of a competent mental health professional. While Immersions™ are used therapeutically, it is in addition to competent counseling.


If you are using Immersions™ to escape a physical threat, immediately call 911 or a trusted friend who can provide assistance by helping you now!

What You Need

Headphones or ear buds. To enjoy your Immersions™ experiences properly, you need headphones or earbuds. Headphones are preferred for the best experience, but ear buds are preferred by many during physical activity.

Immersions™ experiences are acoustically matched to Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones. As of 2023, you can purchase these exceptional reference headphones for $150 or less in many places. Naturally, you can use any headphone provided they are non-noise-cancelling. However, high-quality REFERENCE headphones cost from $80-$225 and offer the best acoustic experience. The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are studio standards found in almost all commercial recording studios. The Beyerdynamic DT-880 (around $200) series are excellent choices as well. Avoid headphones that artificially enhance bass, mid-range and treble frequencies. These reduce the effectiveness of your experience, and the wellness benefits you receive.


  • When possible, purchase reference headphones or earbuds. These devices do not “color” your sound with enhanced mids, bass or treble frequencies that render experiences unrealistic and less effective.

  • Never purchase or use noise-cancelling headphones for your Immersions™ experiences. They strip out essential frequencies that diminish therapeutic effect.

  • When listening from your mobile phone or tablet device, be sure your headphones require less than 50 ohms (50Ω) so they can be driven effectively and provide the best sound from your device’s limited power outputs.

  • Expensive headphones are rarely better headphones. In fact, many are worse. A great set of headphones will usually cost less than $200 and last a lifetime. Cheap headphones do not replicate the sound spectrum well and deliver a poor experience that will diminish your Life Environments audio experience.

An Internet-connected mobile or desktop device. To access your subscription, you will need to access and log on to your account before selecting your experience. This requires an Internet-connected device with a jack for your headphones.


Your Immersions™ subscription. Your Immersions™ subscription opens you to the world of Life Environments Immersions™.

Accessing Your Subscription

To access your subscription, you will need to access and log on to your account before selecting your experience from the PORTAL MENU. This requires an Internet-connected device with a jack for your headphones.

Your Immersions™ subscription. Your Immersions™ subscription opens you to the world of Life Environments Immersions™.

Immersions™ Experience Types


Your subscription includes two types of immersive experiences - Immersions™ and Visions™. Immersions™ are long-form aural experiences that range from about 40 minutes to more than 1 hour.

Visions™ are 15-minute timed segments of the Immersions™ experiences.


Both experience types fade in and out gently to provide a non-shocking experience.

Immersions™ experiences allow you to enjoy a more free-form experience when you have more time to escape. Immersions™ experiences do not repeat and provide an exceptional listening experience. Immersions™ are perfect for meditation, yoga, relaxing, escaping your day and getting a more restful sleep.

Visions™ experiences can be used without having to worry about breaking away from your experience to watch a clock. At the 14-minute mark, you’ll hear a gentle chime in your left ear to remind you less than 60 seconds remain in your experience. Visions™ are excellent ways to experience Immersions™ when you want to focus on the experience and not the clock.

Preparing to Use Immersions™

When you are getting ready to enjoy an Immersions™ experience, it’s important to follow this sequence:

  1. Always ensure you are in a safe location where you will pose no threat or risk to others or will not be endangered by your inability to respond to environmental threats while listening to your Immersions™ experience.

  2. Make sure you are not operating any vehicle or machinery or doing anything that demands your attention. Immersions™ can make you sleepy despite our products not specifically designed to do this.

  3. Never listen to Immersions™ when you are responsible for the care of any person, place or thing.

  4. Never allow anyone to listen to Immersions™ who is unable to communicate about pain or discomfort. This is critical when using Immersions™ for healthcare, paralyzed, psychiatric and palliative care patients who cannot communicate if pain from volume that is too loud or something akin to a PTSD issue is being triggered by the immersive experience.

  5. Before you listen to any experience, turn the volume on your device down to zero. Once you have your headphones or earbuds on, slowly increase the volume to a point where the experience sounds realistic but not too loud – then back it off by about 10% to allow for natural variation in sound until you know the Immersions™ experience better. Make sure you never turn the volume high enough to cause any discomfort in your ears!

Immersions™ Applications

You can enjoy Immersions™ any way you like! However, here are a few guidelines to help you get started on the right foot.



Immersions™ transforms your meditation experience by introducing many of nature’s cognitive wellness benefits to your routines. You can use Immersions™ and/or Visions™ experiences for meditation, depending on your needs and/or time constraints. Simply choose your desired experience then begin your meditation.

Allow about 5 minutes for benefits to set in.

Yoga and Physical Exercise

Immersions™ transforms your yoga and exercise by introducing many of the cognitive wellness benefits of nature’s experience to your routines. You can use Immersions™ or Visions™ experiences for yoga and exercise, but Immersions™ are preferred by most practitioners. Simply choose your desired experience then begin your routine.

Some yoga practitioners prefer earbuds that are less likely to interfere with poses and routines. However, others prefer Beyerdynamic DT-880 headphones (32 ohm) from a mobile phone attached to their back via a belt or other device. Since the DT-880’s have open backs, you can introduce nature’s experience while listening to your instructor. The choice is yours!

Relaxation and Escaping Your Day

Immersions™ are perfect and healthy ways to escape your days and nights. Simply find a comfy place, choose your experience and close your eyes and explore the amazing worlds Immersions™ presents. You can use Immersions™ full-length experiences or Visions™ 15-minute experiences depending on your time constraints.

Stop. Immerse. Enjoy. It’s just that simple!


Allow about 5 minutes for benefits to set in.


Aside from meditation and escaping stressful days, sleep rounds out the top 3 most common Immersions™ applications. It’s important to remember that getting a more restful sleep begins with de-stressing. A good rule of thumb is to start a new Immersions™ session about 30-45 minutes before you plan on going to sleep. After you have listened to your experience, remove your headphones or ear buds. Turn off all devices, televisions, radios, computer screens and lights. Fall asleep normally.

Important Sleep Safety Tips:

  • Never wear headphones to bed then fall asleep while wearing them. This can cause you to get tangled in wires with the potential for strangulation or having a cord cut off blood supply to a tangled body part.

  • Listen to your experience before you go to sleep, never while you are sleeping.

  • Never allow a child, diminished capacity person, or anyone under your care or supervision wear wired headphones to bed. Always visually have children and anyone under your care in your line of sight when they are using Immersions™.

  • Never wear wireless headphones or earbuds to bed and fall asleep with them in place. They can damage your ears and hearing and potentially introduce damaging electromagnetic radiation to your brain.


How Will You Use Immersions?

These are only a few selected immersive applications. Feel free to experiment and discover new ways to tailor your Immersions ™ experience to your lifestyle! Just keep the safety caveats we have mentioned previously in mind. If you need advice on your particular application please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you make the most of your Immersions™ experience.

Interesting Immersions™ Facts…

Did you know that we can spend more than a year and millions of dollars on each immersive experience we produce? Life Environments is one of the most sophisticated aural production and restoration capabilities in the world.

Immersions™ are unlike any audio product you’ve heard. Immersions™ are designed to deliver a delightful experience while enabling the brain to respond in healthy ways similar to live nature.

Our proprietary recording technology captures natural environments in ways that are more than 99% acoustically identical to live nature itself – with sound captured from every direction. We then remove non-natural sounds like aircraft, vehicle and other human-introduced noises. When you consider the United States has more than 96,000 daily scheduled airline routes, you can see why getting pristine nature is a major challenge. We then produce and master our aural experiences in ways that can be experienced from every direction using only stereo headphones without special equipment.

We are constantly adding new experiences…

We currently offer at least 7 full-length immersive experiences. We will expand that number to 12 or more by the end of 2023. You can enjoy at least 25 Visions™ experiences as of July, 2023. This will increase to more than an expected 50 by Q1, 2024.

There are 12 experiences in live production as of July, 2023.

You will be breathing easier in Q3 2023 with Breathe Naturely™, our new controlled breathing platform with an exceptional twist!

This is only one of our new products. Stay tuned for more!

Design a Better Life.

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