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You asked. We so delivered!

No more subscriptions required!

Now you can purchase our experiences as digital downloads!

No more subscroptions! You asked for it and we delivered! You will be able to access and purchase Life Environments audio environments on a growing number of music markets worldwide including iTunes® and Amazon Music® starting November, 2023!

We have pioneered a new playback technology that allows you to keep our products accessible and more affordable than ever! Starting this year you will be able to purchase our lifelike environments at the best music online digital music stores in the world! More importantly, you can now choose the exact experience(s) you want to purchase and carry them with you without needing to be connected to the Internet to stream your selections!

So, what if you are already a subscriber? No worries! You will receive our complete experience library to use forever!

I want to thank all of our customers for letting us know what is important to them and our world-class staff for working hard to make it possible! Stay tuned for more information and pricing.

Get ready to explore the cognitive and wellness magic of your world – wherever you find yourself!


Kevin Williams

President and Founder, Life Environments

...and over 100 more!

Design a Better Life.

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