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Our Story

Best. Job. Ever.

Our mission is simple: A less-stressed, happier and healthier you!

Life Environments captures and produces the world’s most accurate nature-centered immersive audio experiences. Our immersive audio introduces the wellness benefits of being in live nature to a wide range of activities you already do and love. You are centered in nature’s spaces while activities like meditation, yoga, exercise, relaxation, sleep or simply escaping the stress of the day is transformed into a new dimension of wellness.

​We are helping customers achieve better lives with less stress and more living with new thinking, class-leading innovation – and delight! From immersive experiences to new products that are transforming wellness, Life Environments is bringing science, nature and living well to your life in exciting new ways.

Who uses our products?

​Life Environments immersive audio is used by healthcare professionals and wellness-minded individuals wanting to improve their wellness with the stress-relieving and cognitive benefits of nature’s experience. Our products can be used any time, any place and any way you want – even when Mother Nature is nowhere to be found.

​Our family is a global one – and growing! Less stress and living well is a universal message that is being welcomed around the globe.



Our wellness philosophy...

​Living your best life begins by inhibiting what holds you back and maximizing what makes life's experience more delightful and meaningful. Life Environments is helping people just like you to accomplish each with innovative products, the latest science and new thinking.

Life Environments immersive audio uses nature's experience to inhibit stress and stimulate brain centers that enhance your feelings of well-being and contentment. Nothing is more effective than nature for refreshing and resetting your brain, mind and body. Thanks to new understandings, we are leveraging nature to perform its health and wellness magic any time, any place and any way you like!

​Refreshed!™ is our critically-acclaimed life course that explores stress, living well and how to create and design a life you love with expert insights and challenges. We developed this powerful program to deliver a real-world wellness solution that helps you manage stress and build a smarter and more rewarding life experience. Refreshed! will be coming to Life Environments online in 2024.

Life Environments is committed to better wellness by helping people like you do more of what you love and making the most of your life’s experience with less stress and smarter living.

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