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Breathe Naturely

The powerful wellness benefits of controlled breathing the power of amazing!


Controlled Breathing as only Life Environments Can Do It

This changes everything!

Breathe Naturely™ is a new breathing exercise technology that combines the stress reduction and refreshment benefits of nature’s experience with the proven wellness benefits of controlled breathing. Breathe Naturely makes controlled breathing easy.

Each immersive 15-minute audio experience provides gentle inhale reminders to begin your next breathing cycle. Choose from 3 to 30 breaths-per-minute (BPM).

Breathe Naturely™ can be used for easy interval-based breathing or for many popular breathing techniques. For most, we encourage simpler and less cognitively engaging breathing exercises. How you use Breathe Naturely™ is limited only by your imagination.

Welcome to a new generation of breathing exercise that you are going to love!



Nature inhibits stress like nothing else can - naturally, safely and effectively - in minutes!


Controlled breathing helps improve your cardiac health and wellness.

strengthen your immune system

Science has proven 

controlled breathing can help improve your immune system.


Add nature's wellness benefits plus controlled breathing any time, any place and any way you like!

Introducing the wellness benefits of controlled breathing plus nature's calming experience.


 A Breath of Fresh Air

Controlled Breathing + Nature

The powerful wellness advantages diaphragmatic breathing in a simple elegant solution...

  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure

  • Decreases muscle tension

  • Increases blood oxygenation

  • Brings warmth to the hands and feet

  • Increases energy and motivation

  • Improves concentration

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Reduces stress hormones

  • Activates the body’s relaxation response (and reverses the stress response)


...PLUS the stress-busting and cognitive wellness benefits of nature's experience!

Smarter Wellness

The best of both worlds!

Breathe Naturely™ delivers simple-to-use controlled breathing exercises and the stress-inhibiting cognitive wellness benefits of Immersions™ lifelike nature.

Each 15-minute experience centers you lifelike nature spaces with cues when it’s time to inhale in increments from 3-30 breaths per minute (BPM). If you prefer only breathing cues when in live nature, “naked” cues deliver audible signals wherever you’re at.

Breathe Naturely™ provides the wellness benefits of controlled breathing with the cognitive wellness benefits of Immersions™ technology.


What You'll Need.

Getting Started is Easy!

Getting started with Breathe Naturely™ is easy. Using it is even simpler.

Before you start, please read the Breathe Naturely™ Quick Start Guide. In only a few moments you will learn and be experiencing basic breathing exercises like a pro!

You only need a set of headphones (preferred) or earbuds. You'll also need an Internet-connected device and your Breathe Naturely™  subscription to get started. 

Science. Not Science Fiction.

Life Environments Immersions are created with our proprietary research and production teams along with world-class research from the following universities and research organizations.

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