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Nature's experience inhibits stress and refreshes your mind and body naturally.

Now you can leverage its benefits any time, any place and any way.

Nature: The NEW Wonder Drug!

The science is delightfully real.

Scientific research shows that nature's experience has a remarkable ability to inhibit stress through natural and safe calming and rejuvenating effects.


Spending time in natural environments, such as forests, parks, or near bodies of water, can significantly reduce stress levels. The sights and sounds of nature have a soothing effect on the mind, promoting relaxation and lowering anxiety. Moreover, being in nature encourages physical activity, such as walking or hiking, which releases endorphins and further alleviates stress.

Nature’s experience provides a break from the constant stimuli of urban life, allowing for mental rest, restoration and resets many of your body’s systems naturally and safely. Nature offers a powerful antidote to stress, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

When live nature is inconvenient or impossible, Life Environments immersive audio delivers many of nature's wellness benefits when Mother Nature is no place to be found.



Nature inhibits stress like nothing else can - naturally, safely and effectively - in minutes!


Nature's experience inhibits stress, increases self-esteem and other physiological processes simultaneously.


Stop the stress and anxiety. Sleep better.

It's just that simple!


Add nature's wellness benefits to your meditation, yoga, exercise, wellness and relaxation - or simply escape!

Be here...
from any place you find yourself.


Escape. Relax. Sleep. Thrive.

Less stress. More living.

Reducing stress and anxiety improves health and wellness by reducing your body's response to stressors that trigger harmful physiological responses that can set the stage for disease.

Nature's experience is a natural, safe and effective way to inhibit anxiety and stress while refreshing your brain and body in healthy ways.

Life Environments immersive aural experiences replicate nature's experience in lifelike ways that reset your mind and body like no other solution can.

Stop. Listen. Refresh.

Let nature do the heavy lifting!

Immersions™ immersive audio experiences leverage nature's experience to calm and refresh you naturally, safely and effectively. 


Immersions™ centers you in nature’s most breathtaking spaces. Immerse yourself within forests, beaches, streams, meadows and more as life happens all around you – above, below, left, right, front, back and everywhere between! However, the experience is only the beginning.


As you become immersed in Mother Nature’s experience, anxiety and stress subside as your mind and brain are refreshed naturally and safely within minutes. That’s your brain on nature.


Nature’s experience resets your mind, brain and body in ways nothing else can. Immersions™ delivers nature’s experience in lifelike ways your brain responds to similarly to live nature – and that’s where the refreshing magic starts!


Your Wellness Routines Redefined

Introducing nature’s experience to your daily routines not only improves your health and wellness; it also transforms your wellness experiences themselves! Explore lifelike nature spaces during your yoga and meditation routines. De-stress and relax as you drift through forests and meadows to escape your day. Prepare for more restful sleep by allowing nature to erase the pressures of the day. How you use Immersions™ is up to you.

Your experiences include 2 variations: Immersions™ 30-minute and Visions™ 15-minute experiences. Immersions deliver easy-in and easy-out experiences with no indicators of the experience ending. Visions sound a gentle chime at 14-minutes to let you enjoy your experience without having to worry about looking at your watch. 

Nature makes everything better!

Tapping into nature's wellness magic
is a breeze!

  1. Read and understand your usage guide.

  2. Find a safe and comfortable space.

  3. Access your subscription using your Internet-connected device.

  4. Choose your experience.

  5. Turn the volume down on the experience.

  6. Place your headphones or earbuds.

  7. Begin your experience.

  8. Raise your volume to a safe and comfortable level.

  9. Immerse yourself in nature’s wellness!

Any time, Any place. Any way. It’s just that simple!


Science. Not Science Fiction.

Life Environments Immersions are created with our proprietary research and production teams along with world-class research from the following universities and research organizations.

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