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Immerse yourself in Mother Nature's lifelike spaces and feel the stress fall away.

Simply listen.

Stop. Listen. Calm.

It's just that simple!

Immersions™ is an exciting new lifelike audio technology that centers you in nature’s most beautiful spaces. Immerse yourself within a forest, at a beach, by a stream, in a meadow and more as life happens all around you – above, below, left, right, front, back and everywhere between. All you need is a set of headphone or earbuds, and Internet connection and your subscription to enjoy a lifelike experience only live nature can rival.

As you lose yourself, Mother Nature begins reducing stress and refreshing your brain the way it was designed to be cared for naturally and safely – and within minutes. Nature’s experience resets your mind and brain in ways nothing else can. But until now, you had to be in live nature to experience nature’s cognitive wellness benefits. We’re changing that.

Life Environments Immersions™ puts the wellness benefits of nature’s experience in your pocket!



Nature inhibits stress like nothing else can - naturally, safely and effectively - in minutes!


Nature's experience inhibits stress, increases self-esteem and other physiological processes simultaneously.


Stop the stress and anxiety. Sleep better.

It's just that simple!


Add nature's wellness benefits to your meditation, yoga, exercise, wellness and relaxation - or simply escape!

Be here
from anyplace you are.


Mindfulness Expanded


Adding the refreshing benefits of nature’s experience to your meditation and yoga routines expands your experience in exciting new ways. As you lose yourself in beautiful spaces, Mother Nature begins de-stressing you naturally and safely – a wonderful wellness addition you are going to love!


Simply choose your Immersions™ (full-length) or 15-minute Visions™ experience and do what you love with lifelike aural nature – any time, and place and any way you like. You will begin feeling the difference in moments!

It’s time to rediscover your chi in lifelike nature – just without the bugs, mountain lions and lightning!

De-Stress. Refresh. Reset.

Tame your stress response.

Stress triggers your body to release hormones and other substances that can overwhelm your system. Unmanaged stress is a killer and has either a causal or aggravating factor in almost all human diseases.

Nature’s experience short-circuits stress naturally and safely and inhibits the stress mechanisms in your brain. Nature’s experience is the antidote to your stress response.

Life Environments lifelike experiences can inhibit the impacts of your response to stress – even when nature is nowhere around. Simply listen with headphones or earbuds from any Internet-connected device and let Mother Nature calm and refresh you naturally and safely with Immersions™ and Visions™.


Escape. Relax. Sleep.

Less stress. More living.

Whether you simply want to escape your day, relax or prepare yourself for a more restful sleep, Immersions™ is the perfect start to a better experience!

By reducing anxiety and stress while refreshing the areas of your brain that drive well-being and contentment with nature's lifelike experience, our immersive audio technology leverages nature’s wellness secrets to reset you for whatever comes next!

Simply Listen.

Our Instruction Manual

Refresh your day Mother Nature's way!™

  1. Read and understand your usage guide.

  2. Find a safe and comfortable space.

  3. Access your subscription using your Internet-connected device.

  4. Choose your experience.

  5. Turn the volume down on the experience.

  6. Place your headphones or earbuds.

  7. Begin your experience.

  8. Raise your volume to a safe and comfortable level.

  9. Immerse yourself in nature’s wellness!

Any time, Any place. Any way. It’s just that simple!


Science. Not Science Fiction.

Life Environments Immersions are created with our proprietary research and production teams along with world-class research from the following universities and research organizations.

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